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I have lost my Gmail password and also forgot my recovery email. My security question is also not coming. Because my id has been compromised. So how can I recover my email. I badly need the account. Please, somebody help me. Or,please access this email id from me.  "t*****". Please try to access to this id and give the password so that I can do my important work. Please, this is an emergency.

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It is important to list down and save a copy of security questions and answer, or the challenged questions.

This is needed if password is not working then you can reset the password by way of answering this challenged questions.

In Gmail password reset tool, the are ways to reset the password. Password can be reset by using cell phone number of an alternate email address.

The email that you have trouble with password, it has 2 ways to reset. By SQA by password using alternate email address.

Screenshot shows, that the password will be sent to the alternate email address. If you know what this email address is, and can access this account then you can reset the password of your troubled Gmail email address.

Sharath Reddy