ITunes says that can’t play 1080p videos.

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Hello experts,

My PC can run videos with 1080p and also I can watch full HD movies. I have this error and the iTunes tell me that my PC cannot run such a high resolution. Does anyone had this kind of error before? How you solved this error guys?


This computer may not be able to play 1080p videos. You can still download these videos for use on other devices. 

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ITunes says that can’t play 1080p videos.


First of all, download and install the latest iTunes. Download iTunes.

Secondly, try this method:

  1. Start iTunes.
  2. Go to iTunes menu >> iTunes >> Preferences >> Store.
    For Windows, this will be Edit >> Preferences >> Store.
  3. Beside the option “When downloading High Definition videos, prefer:”, select your option to 1080p.
  4. Click “OK”.

Now, whenever you try to download any video, iTunes will try to download the 1080p version if possible.

Depending on your PC’s hardware, you might not be able to play the 1080p movies. In that case, you should use 720p. It is also good quality.

The message that you’re getting is just a warning to warn you not to download the 1080p videos.

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