How to write names into a shape?

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I want to use a list of names and write them into a shape without being distorted.

I would like to know if there is a way to do that, and if I can fit text in any shape, especially others than squares or circles.

Let me know,

Thank you.

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How to write names into a shape?


Hi Michelle,

Writing names in shapes is a very big expression especially the heart shape which is romantic and makes one feel nice. I will give you an illustration of how to write names in the heart shape using the Heart generator. All you need to do is submit your name or the name you want written in the create heart box and leave the rest for it. The name is generated using ASCII characters. Then you can copy and paste it anywhere you would wish to use it.

Another option is select the eclipse tool hold down the shift and create 500by  500px shape you should name it A then go to the object>path>offset path and enter a 30px offset and click ok. Name the resulting circle as B, select the circle and in the object>path>offset path enter a 5px, click ok.

The new shapes name is C select if and go to object>path>path>offset path enter a 5px and click ok. Once again follow the procedure and enter a 5px and click ok. Now you have D and E follow the same procedure and enter a 25px click ok, follow the same procedure to produce three new shapes one with 20px, 10px and 5px  and name them F,G and I respectively. To get details on what to do with the shapes visit this site



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