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I’m an avid ITunes user. My problem is that ITunes is not opening on my system. When I try to open the application I get an error which I’ve pasted at the end.

As indicated by the error I uninstalled the application and then installed it again on my system but got the same error when I opened it.

ITunes support team could not solve the problem either. They think the fault does not lie in the software rather it’s an OS problem. Please help me as I can’t live without ITunes!!

The error message is:

"Apple application support was not found. Apple support is required to run ITunes.
Please uninstall and then reinstall ITunes again. Error 2 (windows Error 2)."

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To fix this:

1. Restart your computer and once it restarted, there is a balloon message that says the Windows blocked the startup programs and there is a Blocked Startup Programs icon on the right side of your Task bar. Click this message.

2. After clicking on the icon, select the Run blocked program and then click the System Configuration Utility.

3. You will be prompted with a dialog box stating that Windows needs permission to continue. Just click the Continue button and there is a verification stating that you already utilized the System Configuration Utility to create changes for the default Windows startup. Click OK and the System Configuration Utility will appear. Just follow the onscreen instructions to End the process.

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There are some things need to consider to know why there are some error about your iTunes.

  1. Check your computer specs if it meets the minimum hardware requirements for you to install iTunes.
  2. Try to install the installer that have error and see if it works to other computer. If it works, the problem is in your computer system.
  3. Check the version of iTunes you want to install. Maybe the version you are trying to install is not compatible to your computer. Update your OS by using windows update then install the new version to your computer.