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Greetings, TechyV!

This error is a rummy one, and I can't figure out what's wrong.

I'm using Administrator privileges,but ITunes insists on this error every time I try to use it.

Should I un-install the whole thing or is there something to modify in my access?

A little help would go a long way, thanks!

ITunes + QuickTime

The Installer has insufficient privileges to modify this file: C:\Program Files\iPod\Acknowledgements.rtf

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Hi Elisabeth,

I think the problem is with you itunes installer. Since you are already logged in as the administrator, I suspect that the installer may be corrupt, so I advise that you just install it completely and get a fresh on to install on your system.

After the uninstallation, you may want to run the disk clean up to remove any itunes related or temporary files that may not be removed by the uninstallation to clear all the unused files up.

Also look for a program called ccleaner and execute it to remove all broken registry keys associated with itunes and quicktime that may bring problems after reinstallation.

Hope this helps.


Lee Hung.

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There are some but a few instances that you will received this kind of error when you have downloaded a corrupted installation files. So you need to delete your old installation files and download a new one. If after downloading a new installation files, the problem persists, you might be infected with virus. Some virus has the ability to deny you from installing applications even if you are logged as administrator. So scan your computer and free from virus infections.

Another reason for this is when your installation files are attempting to change the registry. In windows 7, changing to system settings initiated by an application is automatically blocking by your operating system unless you run the application as administrator. Logging to administrator account and running application is different from running application as administrator. To run as administrator, right click on the application or installer then click the Run as administrator in the pop-up menu.