Is it a spam mail?

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Kendall received an email message saying that the top computer industry is giving free computers and required her to send an email messages to 20 of her close friends. What should Kendall do?

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Is it a spam mail?


First, every time you read from the title that you have won something, the best thing you have to do is not open it at all and report it as scam/spam. Just remember that no one gives something-especially valuable-free!

In case you open it from curiosity, DO NOT click on links and do not act whatever the sender says.


Once you forward the email, automatically you send an email to the sender verifying that your pc address is valid. In addition, by sending the email to your friends you extend their scam/spam.


In case you want to be sure that you have not lost a good opportunity, then I suggest you to investigate this. Try to find every detail about the sender or the company via search machines. Also, make an effort to learn if this company has a competition and prizes like the one you have won. Last,-but in my opinion totally wrong- if you insist to open the url ,make sure that your antivirus and your security settings are updated.


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Is it a spam mail?


That is an absolute spam. I’ve received many of those kinds in the past years and even until now. Some spam messages are used to advertise products and services but some are really bad. They intend to trick people by sometimes asking the person to reply with their personal details like complete name (first, middle, and last name), complete address, phone number, ZIP code, and others.

What you should do when you receive this kind of message is to mark it as “SPAM” so next time that email address used to send you the message will automatically be detected and moved to the SPAM folder. When a message is moved to the SPAM folder, all links it contains including the URLs of the embedded images will be blocked.

This way, if the message is system generated or being distributed by a software, it will not detect any activity on your email address. That way the system will think that the message was not opened and in the long run will eventually delete your email address from its mailing list.

Also, if a spam message contains an attachment like a ZIP file or any Microsoft Office related document, don’t ever try to open it because more often than not it contains malicious codes or scripts that will fire up once you open the attachment. You should only open attachments from known email addresses.

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