Is it safe for Virtual Memory be set to no page file?

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I notice the pagefile.sys file is consuming almost 2GB of file size. I know this is not an issue for the newer or latest computer right now, but there are some computers that still using 40GB harddrive or less. I already remove the other software / application that is not being use on a regular basis but still the computer is running low on disk space. The Motherboard is not capable of Sata harddrive.

Is it safe to for the Virtual Memory of the windows to be set to no page file or better not to use the pagefile.sys at all?

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Is it safe for Virtual Memory be set to no page file?


How much memory does your system have?  If you have about 2 GB or more of RAM then some people recommend turning the paging file off.  They claim it speeds up the system.  Be aware though that if Windows needs to page out something that requires a lot of memory, it might freeze your system if paging is turned off.

Here's 2 tips to free up some more drive space:

1.  Turn off System Restore to free up some more space.

2.  Turn of hibernation.  This will remove hiberfil.sys which consumes disk space as big as your system RAM (i.e., if you have 2GB RAM, hiberfil.sys will be 2 GB in size also)

Lastly, you might want to consider buying a larger hard drive.  You could buy a SATA controller that plugs into a vacant PCI slot on your motherboard so you can buy a SATA hard drive.


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