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         I want to use two or more monitor or display in my computer, is it possible?

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yes it is possible to use two or more monitor or display in your computer. For this you have to need an update laptop or a desktop computer. It have the ability to display both its own and external display.  If your computer is not update and it has not this ability, you may require installing the multiple video cards which support the multiple display. Then you must select the dual view mode in Microsoft windows by using following steps. Start—Settings---control panel-- then double click to the display icon—click properties then click settings then click the down arrow and select the secondary display. Now your computer is ready for viewing multiple displays.  Thank you.

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Hello Ripon,

I am so sure why you want to do that but i guess it is possible, But of the monitors to be able to display the system unit should have video graphics adapter ports that will support both of the monitors.

Or you can connect the monitors with one of them connected as a projector, but then put them in the split mode so that you can be able to view the contents on the monitor that is connected to the system unit on the other monitor that you have connected as a projector.

Hope this helps.


Mahesh Babu