Is it possible to Rename File Extensions?

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Hi Techyvs,

Is it possible to Rename File Extensions? Thanks & Regards Any help is of great use.

Sadah Yapsangco

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Is it possible to Rename File Extensions?


Hi Sadah


Yes, you can Rename the File Extension. When you rename a file in a Windows, you have option to change it's extension type. That will allows you to change the file type without opening the file in a program and save it again. The default settings Windows are configured not to show the file extension when you rename a file. If you want to rename the extension, you must change the settings so that you can view the extension type. How??

First, click the "START" and then click "COMPUTER" to view the files on your computer in the Windows Explorer window.

Second, browse the Windows Explorer folders and find the file you want to rename.

Third, click the "ORGANIZE" menu in Windows Explorer and then click "FOLDER AND SEARCH OPTIONS". A new options window will open.

Forth, click the "VIEW" tab in the options window and then un-check  the "HIDE EXTENSIONS FOR KNOWN FILE TYPES" check box then click "OK".

Fifth, right-click on the file you want to rename and click "RENAME".

Sixth, delete the file's extension and type a new file extension. The file extension is displayed after the period in the file name.

Seventh, Press "ENTER" to save the new file extension.

and lastly, click "YES" in the dialog box that asks you to confirm you want to change the file.



Renaming a file extension doesn't always properly convert the file. Like, you cannot convert a text file to a video file by changing the file extension.

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Is it possible to Rename File Extensions?


Yes, it is possible for you to rename some files extensions, but you have to do that with precaution. Some files will be affected negatively when you change their extensions and thus causing them to cease to work. Here is how to:

  • For image files, you will simply choose the format you want to change to and the extension will be changed. For instance, if you had a png file and you want to change to jpeg format, you will simply open the image file using an image editing application like adobe fireworks and then choose to save the file in the jpeg format.
  • For some files like word documents that have the *.doc extensions, you will have to be careful when changing their extension because the word editor can only recognize files with known extensions to it, like the *.doc extensions, and therefore changing it may make the file to malfunction.

Files that you should never attempt to change their extensions include the system files like registry entries. Changing them can make the operating system to crush.

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