Issues about byte array in megabytes

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Array is most known in the world of java, and it is where I first encounter the word array. Now what is there a way we can convert a byte array in to megabytes? If it is possible how and what are the tools needed for the development and conversion flow. Please suggest about this.

Thank you

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Issues about byte array in megabytes


Hi Carol,

I checked your question and made a possible answers on your problem.  Array is really known not just in Java but also in the world of C Language. I have searched some sites that may help you with your bytes=Megabytes problems.

Kindly check the code on this site:

Calculation of bytes into Megabytes in Java

If you want to understand more about Arrays, Kindly Click this link:

Arrays on Java

Hope it would help you a lot.


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Issues about byte array in megabytes


You haven’t understood what a byte array is and what the use of it is.

A byte is basically a number from 0 to 255 (the numbers that can be represented in 8 bits). So a byte array is just an array of numbers 0 to 255.

At a lower level, An array is a contiguous block of memory and a byte array is just a representation of that memory in 8-bit chunks.

byte[] bytearray = new byte[] { 0, 1, 2, 3, 254, 255 };

We can use a byte array to store an image on a database. First we convert the image in to a stream of bytes and pass it to the database field created as a byte field. Later we can convert back the byte stream in to a viewable image.

So there is no such thing as converting byte array in to megabytes. 

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