IPv6 Transition Technique for a large enterprise

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Please suggest an IPv6 transition technique, other than dual-stack and tunneling methods, that is beneficial for a large enterprise?

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IPv6 Transition Technique for a large enterprise


Hello Ramirez,

If your organization is big and has many computing equipment that are to be used on the network, then IPv6 will be the best to support those large number of electronic devices without the fear of running out of address spaces at  it may be the case when you are using IPv4.

In case you need to transition from IPv4 to IPv6, then you will just need to reconfigure your devices on the network using the devices' network properties by switching the IP addresses from IPv4 to IPv6. You may use dynamic host control protocol in IPv6 too to save yourself some trouble of having to configure each machine at a time.

Hope this helps.


Lee Hung


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