My laptop does not connect via wireless

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Hi All,

I have a three year old laptop which is for personal use. My connection to the router is intermittent even if the other computers are still working wirelessly. What could be the problem? Do you think it has something to do with my laptop?

I need your inputs on this.


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My laptop does not connect via wireless



  1. Make sure that your laptop's wireless radio is on. change the settings of your power option device if it automatically disabled the wireless adapters. this usually happens when there is low battery. for USB wireless adapters, check if it is plugged in correctly.
  2. Move closer to the wireless router and make sure that there are no hindrances that make the signal weak. 
  3. Reset the router to get a better connection. check the IP address if it works. 
  4. Check the service station identifier of your phone or computer. Some SSID are hidden and some are needed to be added manually. 
  5. Double check if the network has an IP and gateway settings.
  6. Upgrade the operating system and network card drivers. 
  7. Let your computer handle the troubleshoot (diagnose and repair ) automatically.
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My laptop does not connect via wireless

  • There are numbers of possible problem with intermittent wireless connection is happening. They are wireless interference, distance of the equipment modem/router and firmware issue.
  • The best solution is to keep your router's firmware updated. Log-in to the router's GUI and update the firmware. Intermittent wireless is often caused by wireless adapter and router firmware's incompatible.

Most router has it's maximum length and strength of wireless connection can broadcast. A newer model or wireless router can broadcast as far as 40-1000 feet. The distance should be not far from the weak-point of your router. See the module and manual of your router to find out how long the router can go.

Wireless interruption is caused by wireless interference. A good example is microwave, thick painted walls, halogen lamp, satellite dish, carpet and even a tree. By changing the channel of the router will increase wireless strength and reduce signal interruptions.

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