Ipod 13 download Windows virus

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Recently I saw a link which says: IPOD 13 DOWNLOAD WINDOWS. I clicked on the link and an exe file downloaded. I thought that its a software update for IPOD which can be installed from windows.

To cut a long story short I installed the software and then restart the PC, after reboot the system become so slow that it took ages minute to open my computer and also I couldn't find the installed software.

It’s some kind of virus which I intentionally installed on my system, what kind of an idiot I am

Please Help ME!

You people are my last hope.

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Ipod 13 download Windows virus


iPods are sensitive devices in most cases, you should aware of what you are downloading. "It's better safe than sorry".

The following steps might help for you: Download the latest version of the iTunes app and start connecting your iPod from computer. The software will automatically be started when you dock your iPod and end the process by clicking the RESTORE.

But, the most important is of course, backing up library files, photos and other important for you that you will not intend to lose it on just unexpected crashing you are just taking an advance pre-cautions.

You should see a LOGO after several instructions.

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Ipod 13 download Windows virus


You can use some best Internet security software like Comodo Mobile Security, Avira etc to get rid of it.

Or You need to get your iPad restored so follow the below mentioned steps in order to get this problem fixed.

  • Download and install the latest version of the iTunes application on your desktop.
  • Connect your iPad to the computer and open the iTunes.
  • Now select your iPad from your iTunes from devices. And click the summary tab.
  • Finally Choose Restore.
  • You will be prompted to backup your device before restoring it. If you have backed it up already then you don't need to back it up once again otherwise choose backup. So that if something goes wrong you can restore this backup.
  • Click the Restore button after backing up (if you have not backed it up previously).
  • Now your iPad will restore itself to factory settings it will flash the apple logo at startup as soon as it shows the apple logo.

Thanking you.

Frankle Mary

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Ipod 13 download Windows virus


If that happened after running the program you downloaded then obviously it is a virus. Also, I don’t think you have an antivirus installed on your computer because if you do then the file can easily be detected for its malicious content. Since your computer is already infected, download Sophos Virus Removal Tool. This is not an antivirus, actually.

It is only a tool designed to remove malware from a computer and you can install it even on a heavily infected machine. If you have an existing antivirus on your computer, you don’t need to uninstall it to use Sophos. It works alongside any antivirus program you may have. After installing, it will automatically update its virus signature database. When updating is finished, start scanning your machine.

By default, the tool will scan everything that is connected to the computer like USB devices. When a virus is detected, remove the malware then repeat the scan until it no longer detects a virus.

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