IPhone 5S not recognized by iTunes

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Hi there,

I recently bought iPhone 5S, plugged on a wall socket to charge, and after an hour or so, the battery indicator showed a full battery, I took the phone and using the USB cable plugged it to my PC, then nothing happens, the PC doesn't respond in any way, iTunes doesn't recognize it either, so I took it and connected it to the charger and the battery indicator shows it's charging, what could be the problem here? How do I solve it? am using HP Pavillion running on Windows 8.1.

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IPhone 5S not recognized by iTunes


Hi Debrajbartels,
The iPhone 5S is recognized by iTunes because of the incorrect system settings.
To resolve this error follow the steps mentioned below:
1) Connect the iPhone 5S to the device through the USB cable
2) Click 'Start', type 'services.msc' in the textbox, click enter
3) Click and open the services manager window for the user
4) Select the Apple mobile device from the list of devices
5) In the left pane of the window, Click 'Restart the service' option
6) After the service has started close the service window
7) Refresh the settings window of the apple and the device will be visible to the user

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