IPad sync problem with apps and games

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Hello! I bought an iPad a few weeks ago. So yesterday I just bought an exciting game but after I bought it, it wouldn't sync with my iPad. This shouldn't be happening because I always make sure that I have the most updated version of iOS and I checked it yesterday too. Their wasn't any update needed for iOS. So why is this happening, any reasons? Thanks in advance!

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IPad sync problem with apps and games


Ipad can  sync individual apps to iTunes? An ipad can also sync several apps at the same time instead of one.For this the user must go for some setting.

  1. Connect ipad to A PC
  2. Choose the ipad from the list of devices from the left side menu inside of iTunes.Choose app from the top list.
  3. To sync the listed apps to iTunes, check the box next to Sync Apps.
  4. In the list below the Sync Apps check box, put a check mark next to any individual apps you want to sync.

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