Invalid access to memory error message

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Hello All,

I am facing an error message with Winscp client, version 4.0.2. I have this application installed on my Windows Vista Ultimate machine. 

Whenever I am trying to use the application with command line options, I received an error message.

Invalid access to memory

I am not sure how I can use the command line option, without getting this error message.

Please help.


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Invalid access to memory error message


Hello Brian Edwards,

After installing an application WinSCP client version 4.0.2 in Windows Vista CPE, an error message says, Invalid Access Memory pop-up.

Now, this usually happens once the application is installed but can't locate the file path name. Check if the application is on the right, for it to work in the process monitor. Try changing the directory name of that folder, where Winscp.exe is located. Reboot your computer and run the application again.

If this won't work, this is where the confusing part is, as you maybe using an older version of that application. You may install the latest version for it to work in Windows Vista computer.

Hope this works.

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Invalid access to memory error message


When accessing the application through a command prompt, always go to its installation folder and then launch it there since its path is not listed in Windows’ environment variables.

When launching any executables in the command prompt, after pressing the Enter key to launch the program the system will search first for the executable in the current folder where you open the program.

If the system didn’t find the program on your current path or location, it will try to launch it using the path in the environment variables and will eventually return an error if the program can’t be found.

The error message you are receiving “Invalid access to memory” might be due to an incorrect command line you used. Whenever you access a program using the command line, always remember to enter the program name and the parameters correctly.

If you don’t know the program’s parameters or how to use them, you can access the help option of the program by appending /?.

For example, winscp /?.

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