Facility: WMI: Description: Genetic failure

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While try to access Win32 programs remotely in Windows XP SP3, the following message encounters.

But it happen not with all workstations. About one third of the workstations are encountering such problems.

Is this due to SP3?

Should I go back to SP2?

Please suggest me. Our lab works are hampering.


Nubmer: 0x80041001

Facility: WMI

Description: Generic failure



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Facility: WMI: Description: Genetic failure


It could be the operating system or just try turning off the windows firewall

Solution 1: Check the firewall setting of all computer that you encounter this problem and then remove the firewall by using the services or just simply turn it off. Try running it once again and see if the error still exist.

Solution 2: You can also try to revert back your operating system, it is also a possibility that the SP3 is making such problem for you. And also check all those PC with SP2 if you encounter also the problem if not then we can say that it is a element to consider.

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