Internet Explorer tab opening problem

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Way when I open much more than 15 tabs I get an error message and it says to kill those tabs?

After that Skype plugin is asking me to stop page

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Internet Explorer tab opening problem



In my chrome, my browser always crashes too. The same as yours the pages keep crashing and a pop up window that says Skype Plug-in failed to load etc.

The only thing I did to stop my chrome from crashing is:

  • Go to the button upper right of the browser Customize and Control Google Chrome
  • Click on tools, go to the Extensions
  • You will see all your extensions installed in the browser
  • If you find Skype toolbar try to uncheck. For me, I have removed it completely
  • Then click Uninstall

Refresh your browser.

Try to load as many tabs as you can. Rest assured the Skype plugins will no longer get in your way.

Happy Browsing!

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Internet Explorer tab opening problem


You are probably experiencing that error on Windows Internet Explorer after opening more than 15 tabs because the remaining amount of memory on your computer is no longer sufficient to support additional tabs on the browser. For your information, when you open your web browser and visit a website, a portion of the physical memory is allocated to the browser.

When you open a second tab and open another website on that tab, the size of the web page is added to the memory consumed by the browser. The size of the page is not limited to the size of the actual page alone. The size includes the file size of all the images shown on the page plus the actual file size of the web page whether it is HTML or PHP.

To sum it all, the maximum number of tabs you can open on your web browser will depend on your current available memory. The more memory you have the more tabs you can open. Also, opening too many tabs on the browser decreases the performance of the computer. It makes the downloading of the page slow. If you want to open more than 15 tabs on your browser, adding more RAM to your computer will help.

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