Internal Software Error with DVD burned through 1-Click DVD Movie

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Hello everyone,

It’s a huge program which I use frequently. The other day I burned the most recent episode of “Desperate Housewives” from previous season.

“1 Click DVD Movie” made a perfect copy of these AVI files for my sister which I did not check. This weekend I was on an excursion tour where I went to a festival named “Sling Shot” made by Thrill Masters. I copied the video copy of that ride on a USB jump drive I wanted to copy this video as a DVD; however, it caused a number of errors like "Internal Software Error: VobulatorBlockPlannerBlockPlanner.cpp, Line 234."

I have never faced any problem using this program previously, but this time I got failed. Any player even VLC are unable to play it. After creating chapter and menus, I am able to make a preview using ‘1Click DVD Movie’. I fail to understand what is going on because it is a video plus with a total length of 2-3 minutes.

The file size is 136 MB. As a result of my first attempt to use this file using ‘1Click DVD Movie’, it created a menu and when I transcoded the file I received the above mentioned error message.

Now I need a solution to this unwanted problem. Suggestions would be appreciated greatly.

Thanks a lot.


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Internal Software Error with DVD burned through 1-Click DVD Movie


As what you have stated in your problem. This error is commonly happening when the file data is transferred from a different storage disk to another storage disk. The problem here is not merely on the data it's just a storage disk might have bad sectors or it is not functioning well. The result of this is that the data cannot be read when it is finally transferred to your computer.

If your Video size take a huge amount of beyond your expectation to reach on that size. Try to consider download softwares that can convert movies to a smaller ones. In this case you will solve your doubts why it takes that file too large.


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