No suitable decoder module – VLC

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I tried to open this audio file format samr in VLC player but regrettably it can’t be open due to some codec issue.

The dialog box says there is no way for me to fix this.  Is this true? I just want to ask if some of you encountered this problem and has been resolved.   Thank you


No suitable decoder module

VLC does not support the audio or video format  "samr ". Unfortunately there is no way for you to fix this.


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No suitable decoder module – VLC


I sometimes encounter this kind of error. The reason why it appears is that the file you want to open is not supported by the media player you are using. VLC player can play both video and audio files.

To see what kinds of media files the player supports, open its option found in the menu. Look for a section there that points to something like File Format, File Types, or just Format.

See if the list includes the .samr file extension. If it is included on the list, then the error maybe caused by an incorrect extension used on the file. The content of the audio file you are playing doesn’t match the extension it’s using. Maybe it was renamed by someone.

But sometimes even if the extension is supported by the player, there are times that an error like this could appear.

To solve your problem, search in the internet for a media player that supports playing of .samr files.

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No suitable decoder module – VLC


You have many solutions and you need to choose one of these solutions

First : You may need to install Pegasus Motion wavelet 2000 decoder or Pvwv220.dll if you downloaded this pro and install it will help you solve your problem but as i said you have many options to choose you like , so see the second answer

Second : You may take a look to this link that may help you solving your problem

Download Link1 so you can read this and know more about your program and how to fix your problems with this program

Hope these solutions help you

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