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Hello experts

I am a fresher in this website. I got a problem, please someone help me. Mention that, I am using windows xp which is 32bits.

Internal error: could not open the second advanced file dialog looks, like you didn't  register some dlls.

Thanks in advance.

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Hello Alison,

The error you are getting is associated with problems with the registry entries of some programs on your computer. You will need to fix those errors.

Solution 1

You can use a Perfect Optimizer tool to fix those problems as follows:

  • Go to the internet and download a Perfect Optimizer.
  • Install this error repair tool on your computer.
  • After that you will just click the Repair All Button, and the Optimizer will scan and repair you pc for Free.

Solution 2

  • Install CCleaner on your computer.
  • Open it and then click on the tab with the Registry Fix option.
  • All problems with registry entries on your computer will be fixed.