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Last week in London, Intel showed off a super small desktop PC board which is called the Next Unit of Computing (NUC) and the ultra compact – computer form factor from Intel had showed at its Platinum Summit 2012. When will this super small desktop PC board be available and what would be its expected price?

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I also heard about this news what you mentioned in your question. Actually the correct information about this matter is, Next Unit of Computing (NUC) will may launch at the end of this year (2012).

Next Unit of Computing (NUC) is a micro board for the desktop or computer which is capable to give maximum feedback in a significant way. There will add 3.0 USB port and there will have 2 different slots for synchronize memory card or any other USB deices.

Actually Intel did not fix the price for Next Unit of Computing (NUC) yet. But I can guess that it be available with minimum 100-150 dollar or more above.

Next Unit of Computing (NUC) will come completely in market after the end of this year.