Installing Windows 8 Developer with Windows 7

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I have installed Windows 8 Developer on a separation partition and Windows 7 on the other partition.

But after installation, Windows 7 is no longer visible in the Operating Systems Selection.

I tried and researched for solutions on the internet and from tutorials but I could not find any.

Any suggestion on how can I fix the problem of the installation of Windows 7?

Does it involve the Master Boot Record?

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Installing Windows 8 Developer with Windows 7


Windows 8 is awesome , the start screen and new apps.
The problem is you need to dual boot windows 7 and windows 8 developers preview . 
It involves 3 steps :- creating new partition for windows 8 developers preview

 installing windows 8 developers preview 

and finally setting your windows 7 as default (for dual boot)

It seems you have done the first 2 steps 
(Make sure the 2 steps are done before going to this )
So what you have to do is set windows 7 as default operating system 

You notice when you first boots up into Windows 8 developers preview that you're presented with a new graphical boot menu that' will let you choose between your Windows 7 and Windows 8 developers preview installations. Windows 8 will be the default, 
to change it to windows 7
On  bootmenu, click on the button at the bottom that say Change Defaults or Choose Other Options, and hit "Choose the Default Operating System". From here, you pick Windows 7 from this menu. From now on, your PC will boot into Windows 7 by default.
Hope this solves your issue


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