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When installing a new hard drive, does it matter if jumpers are assigned?

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Yes, maximum time it will affect the hard disk and remember that is done for the ide hard drives. So your computer may not start or boot from the hard drive properly with CMOS. You have to ensure one thing, that if more than one drive is in ide port put on to master other or others to slave.

I don’t know much of a jumper but I can give you some website where you could find detail about this, but I think the main thing you have to know that jumper affects the hard drive boot system. Follow this site to know more : all about jumper

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Hello Harmanroja,

If you are using a SATA hard drive, then you do not need necessarily have to assign jumpers or mess around with them for there is only one cable to be connected, and therefore there is no jumper to assign to a particular cable. This makes that SATA hard drives a lot easier to install because to only need to connect it to the cable without having to figure out where it has to be in assigned like in IDE.

The IDE cable will require that you assign first mess around with the jumpers to determine which one is meant for which drive, for there may be two or even more drives which could include the CD or DVD drives, and each one of them has one cable for them; hence IDE is a bit harder to install.


Lee Hung