How to Insert Landscape Page into Word?

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I've HP Laptop with a Built In Web Cam. It has an Icon at Desktop by the Name of amcap.

It has the Option to Make Videos, But there is No Option to Take Still Pictures or Snap Shots.

Please Tell me How Can I Take Snaps with the Help of using my Cam.

The Camera Icon looks like this.


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How to Insert Landscape Page into Word?


There are sometimes happening in the windows XP(this kind of problem). Virtual Memory often shows this kind of problem.   It is happened because of your Hard disk has low space. You have to increase it. Increase it and your problem will be solve.

But sometimes it can also be happened because of low RAM(Random Access Memory).

You should increase your RAM. Low Memory creates this kind of problem. If these two tricks not working then you should Install the windows XP service pack 3.

After doing this your problem will be solved. I think you have got your answer.

Thank you.

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How to Insert Landscape Page into Word?


Virtual Memory is also spoken as swap file or page file and is located in your computer hard drive “c:pagefile.sys”. This memory is used when your RAM is low and your system and application programs are using hard drive memory as a virtual memory. It is the accumulated memory of RAM and page file. The recommended size for page file is 1.5 GB. But if you have only 512 RAM then you have to increase the size of the   virtual memory.

 For this purpose go to task manager 


Press ok

Close those processes that are using unnecessary memory.

The other way is that


  • Right-click My Computer and go to Properties.
  • Go to advance tab in System Properties dialog box
  • Under Performance pane, click Settings.
  • Under Performance Options, click advanced tab.
  • Here,you see the Virtual memory pane, click Change.
  • Change the Initial size value and the Maximum size value to a higher value, click Set, and then click OK.
  • Click OK and close the Performance Options dialog box


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How to Insert Landscape Page into Word?



This means that your system is low on extra RAM. You have to increase your memory. Virtual memory is an extra memory from your hard drive space that XP creates which is accessed when there is not enough physical RAM available for a program. This also increases efficiency of a program.

Here's a solution:

1. Right-Click on My Computer and select properties.

2. Then in System Properties choose Advance tab.

3. Next at the Performance, click on Settings.

4. In performance options, click on Advance tab.

5. Next in the Virtual memory, select Change.

6. Change the Initial Size and the Maximum Size values to a higher value. When done click Set, then Ok.

7. Click ok to close and you're done.

Good Day!

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