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I just bought a Tablet with Windows on it. The Tablet has a relatively small 64 GB space. I intend to use an SD card or USB stick to have room for my media and more.

My question is this - that is it possible to install a game on these media? I know that this kind of support is not appropriate, but I'm talking games that require any significant FPS, such as Ace Attorney. Images/graphic are rather "static".

I just wonder if it's technically possible or not. 

Thank you very much!

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It is possible to install a game on media drives such as a USB or flash drive. You shouldn't have many problems in playing these games in which graphics are static, but it is only limited to playing on the system you have installed it in, if use it on other systems it may lead to errors and even corrupt data on the drives.

So do this carefully and remember not to play it on other systems. 

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I can help you with the question. Definitely, you can install the game onto your USB flash drive.

You just need to install the game onto your USB drive. There will be a little lag for the game to get started. There are no other issues with this. Make sure you have more space on your USB drive than the space needed for the game. While you play high graphic related games, there are chances for some graphic delays.

Thanks and regards,

Skarbos Jay.

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Hi there,
As far as the recent windows tablet reviews have stated, you should have no problem with the installation of games on your SD card.
When you download a game from the, you should have the option to download to the build-in space or to the memory card (SD card), I can assure there is nothing illegal about downloading and installing games/apps on your memory card as opposed to the build in memory.