Install Error on CCleaner , Help

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I've been using CCleaner for cleaning my internet history and for fixing my registry for a long time now. While running it, it reminds me that I need an update to a newer version.

So I downloaded version 3.07.1457 from version 3.05.1409. After downloading, while in a state of installing it to my computer, after clicking next button, it installs for about 12% of the update then gets an error from CCleaner Setup. The error is;

Abort to stop the installation

Error opening file for writing:


and ask me to Click Abort to stop the installation or

Retry to try again, or

Ignore to skip this file.

With [ABORT] [RETRY] [IGNORE] button below. The first option will close the setup. When I click on Retry button, the installation will continue but stop again in the middle with the same error box, Ignoring will skip the file.

I closed the installation then open my control panel and deleted the CCleaner completely. I started a new download with the latest version and try installing it again without the old version. 

It was like performing a clean install. But it still stops with the same error. I don't know what is causing this to stop installing. I need a newer version so please help me fix this.

My operating system is Windows Vista. I don't have any anti virus running. I disable the firewall to continue in case it's blocking the setup, but no luck. I need help please.

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Install Error on CCleaner , Help


The best thing that you can do regarding this is you should avoid updating the cleaner, the updates in itself is pointless since the only changes made or done during the updates for CCleaner is the look of the app. I agree with you there, CCleaner is good at what it does best, keeping your registry clean and tidy. Did you try to redownload the older version from the website, since you had no problems installing the older version in itself. 

It might have been that the CCleaner accidentally removed a program from the registry that allows it to successfully install. Anyways that seems to be the best way to handle this problem as of now. I’ve also checked the net for another solution, I still got the same response, which is to uninstall and reinstall the application. 

I will give you an update soon as well when I find another method to solve the issue. I hope your next installation will go through. This is the version I am currently using, never had a problem with it, although there is a newer version of it out now.

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Install Error on CCleaner , Help


Well Thank you for your answer. I have no choice but to go back to the old version. At least I have this software to run on my computer. Thanks again for the infos.

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