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Can i install android operating system for my Sony Ericsson elm(j10i2),

Please help me, if u have any tutorial 

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Dear Anonymous

Sony Ericsson does not support Android OS like iPhones or other Android Smartphones which offer a number of applications. But with this phone you have HSDPA-toting, Wi-Fi and GPS hence you can access internet and can get Facebook, Twitter and MySpace.

There is no need of an application or a new browser to use these online services. Its only limitation is that because of small screen size it convenient for browsing photos or internet, apart from that it is very comfortable for using and sending update via twitter or Facebook.

You just have to get used to the cursor and select the right check boxes with the use of the cursor.

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The Sony Ericsson Elm is a Java-based handset that runs on Sony Ericsson’s proprietary Java-based operating system. Every time I learn that the phone is Java-based, the first thing that comes to my mind is that it is not an Android phone. And I am right with the Sony Ericsson Elm because it is running on its own company-made operating system just like with Samsung Corby 2 Smartphone which is running on BADA, Samsung’s brand proprietary operating system.

And since Sony Ericsson Elm is not running on an Android-based platform, you therefore cannot install any version of the Android operating system. It is one of the first environmentally friendly handset which is made of recycled materials. It has low-energy chargers and a longer battery life. The J10i2 version of Sony Ericsson Elm includes Wi-Fi and A-GPS as well as Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace social media widgets.

The Sony Ericsson Elm J10i2

Sharath Reddy

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Hello guys, your comments were very conceivable You presented the limitations of the Sony Ericsson Elm and it's shown in the comment about the capability and the full specifications of the Sony Ericsson Elms. All of your tips were good but I have great remarks for Sharath for presenting a lot of unknown information about the Sony Ericsson Elm which were explicated so simply that even a new user can understand. Your informing news was, Sony Ericsson Elm is not running on an Android-based platform, also I will not be able to install any version of the Android operating system and it includes CO2-light production which is made from recycled materials, every Information was surprising to me as I did not know. Thanks Sharath for commendable tips.