InsertLoremIpsum plugin can’t find the InsertLoremIpsum_stats.cfg file

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Hi experts,

I can’t install this plug-in and this error shows up every time. A friend of mine tried to solve this one but with no solution. The same friend told me about this website where I can find some experts answers. Is any expert online and can help me with this error?

Thank you!

InsertLoremIpsum error!

InsertLoremIpsum plugin can’t find the InsertLoremIpsum_stats.cfg file and needs to close. Make sure InsertLoremIpsum_stats.cfg is in Config directory!



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InsertLoremIpsum plugin can’t find the InsertLoremIpsum_stats.cfg file


This problem may have been caused by incorrectly installing an application, an incomplete installation, or an incompatible application. Configuration files, like the one mentioned in the error message, are always included in the installation folder of the software so if an error like this happens then there must be something wrong with your installation.

Since there is no clear name of the application mentioned in the error message, maybe because it is only the plug-in in error here, if the error appears after starting a program then try reinstalling it. That’s the best way you can get the configuration file “insertloremipsum_stats.cfg” back. It’s obvious that this file is the configuration file used by the InsertLoremIpsum plug-in and without it, the plug-in will never work.

If this is a third-party plug-in you installed separately, uninstall it from your application and then download and install the latest version of the plug-in. Also, uninstalling or removing the application will also uninstall the plug-in. So, the best way to do it is to completely uninstall your software to remove the entire program from your computer and then install it back. And when installing the plug-in back, make sure you are installing the latest and not the old one.

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