Inquiry on the Use of CRM 2011 IFD

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Right now, the impl guides are not useable at all. I am currently reviewing the design and testing the CRM's functionalities.

Internal domain name – company.local

External name –

The local Claimbase for is working just fine. Now I am not sure if I would need an ADFS proxy for me to gain external access to the CRM. I am thinking of using an to make it work according to my needs. I tried to setup a proxy for ADSF which enabled trust with no problem.

However, I encountered error 403 when adding a new party to rely on trust.  The error states that "name has an IP of the ADFS Proxy".  I am in need of help regarding this error since I am not sure of what to do to fix it.


An error occurred during an attempt to read the federation metadata. Verify that the specified URL or host name is a valid federation metadata endpoint.

Verify your proxy server setting. For more information about how to verify your proxy server setting, see the AD FS 2.0
Troubleshooting Guide []

Error message: The remote server returned an error: [403] Forbidden.

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Inquiry on the Use of CRM 2011 IFD


What's up,

I think I can provide a solution to the error you are experiencing. It is a most probable error occurring due to your network proxy settings. The connection between your server and the system may be having technical issues. What you need to do here is configure and ensure that the SSL certificate is valid and trusted.


You can go to the troubleshoot option and try troubleshooting the software using the following troubleshooting guide;

Click using this guide helps you to know the specific error and know the way to solve through it such as the expired certificates.

You can also uninstall the software and reinstall. It will work


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