Information about cyber security and its maintenance

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I would like to know some information about our cyber security. I have some questions that I need someone to answer for me.

Does anyone know who is accountable for developing and maintaining the cross-functional duties of cyber security? Is this a serious threat to our business? What are the “values at stake” in case a breach occurs? What are the terms that we can give to our partners and customers as an assurance to the privacy of their work? It is very critical to be sure of the privacy of our clients’ information and that’s why, it is very important to know how to secure them.

How are we sure that using some business processes and technological advancements could fully protect our information assets? Are these new procedures better than our best practices? Or will our best practices continue to change throughout the time? Will these changes also affect our business processes?

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Information about cyber security and its maintenance


Hello Rachelle,

A pleasant day to you. In a single organization or company, the functions and roles of a system may not really be strict. But each organization benefits from securing the system in the so called Inter organization. For instance, for an E-commerce to be successful, all of the participants need or require security controls to protect all of their resources. On the other hand, it also benefits the seller with good security on buyer's system.

IT systems and other information are very critical and complicated assets which support the mission and vision of an organization. Protecting the IT systems and information is important like protecting the resources of an organization like employees, money and other physical assets.

You can visit the link tips to understand more about cyber security.


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