Information About Asset Tags For Computers

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Hi. I am a keen on learning new facts and information related to computer. I am currently in my second year. Can you please let me know about the asset tags for computers? What are their uses? Thanks in advance.

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Information About Asset Tags For Computers


Hi. The asset tags for computers are a means of providing security, reliability, and reduced loss. Each asset is designed and suggested to you as per your requirement. There are three main types of asset tags. They are-

1) DuraGuard

It is made up of polyester which is metalized which provides protection against tough and rough surfaces and abrasion. It has a bonding agent which generally sticks to dry surfaces. There is barcode present to make tracking easy.

2) SetonGuard

It is ideal for rough use indoors as well as outdoors. It can work well in the extreme weather conditions as well. It has a covering of an aluminum material to protect the tag from rough conditions. Depending on the surface of the asset that you have, the adhesive can be chosen.

3) QuickGuard

It can tolerate high temperature. The service temperature is up to 25 degree Celsius. The suitable is aluminum material. There is a layer of polyester present which protects the asset tag. There is sequential numbering available. Thanks in advance.

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