Nokia’s vibration tattoo for Smartphones

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Nokia has filed for the rights of  a haptic communication structure consisting of a magnetic tattoo that receives signals from smartphones and vibrate to notify users, will this tattoo bring any health issues?

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Nokia’s vibration tattoo for Smartphones


Today's best smart phones still can't alert people about an incoming call or text without loud rings or vibrations which can go unnoticed.

That's why Nokia invented a special feature for the smart phone owners feel the vibrations on their skin through a magnetic tattoo.

By this invention it could mean the end to the days when a silenced cell phone means missed calls and text messages. People who own the phone could specify their mobile devices and send out patterns of magnetic pulses as shorthand Morse code for different phone alerts to the Nokia patent filing.

By this tattoo a series of short and strong pulses might let the owner know about messages from a certain time. The skin tattoo which is suppose to be used, its ink could contain permanent magnets ranging.

It could even use the rare earth elements, just like the neodymium which is usually used on magnets for hybrid car motors and computer hard drives.

So, by reading the article, many experts express their opinion that it contains magnetic fields which can cause slow effect on human body. But nothing can be presumed without having the product analysis.

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