Incomplete installation for Windows OS 7

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My Toshiba Satellite Laptop did not boot properly. Its OS is Windows 7 and it does not have a CD/DVD drive. The system message said, "Windows could not complete the installation. To install Windows on this computer, restart the installation."

I already changed the settings (F2), checked the BIOS, used the safe mode, tried last configuration, even the F8 command did not work. I even attempted to use Toshiba recovery or F10, but only the black screen has appeared showing the messages, "Edit Windows boot options for: Windows 7", Partition: 2, and [/No EXECUTE=OPTION] where ENTER or ESC are the only options.

Can somebody please help me? Since my laptop does not have an installed CD/DVD drive, I will not be able to retrieve my data, except for a flash drive but I doubt it. Please help me with this problem.



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Incomplete installation for Windows OS 7


Hello Donna,

In this case you will need to get an external drive and run the installation from there, since it seems like all the other options have refused. But if the computer is able to run the set up application for windows up to some point before it brings the error as you have indicated above, we cannot be quick to judge that the drive has problem. It seems that the installation has some problem, either it is corrupt or the CD that is on is corrupt,

So try getting another CD with the same operating system and run it and see if the installation runs to the end. This time just use the external hard drive to perform the installation.

Hope this helps.


Lee Hung

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Incomplete installation for Windows OS 7




Just simply check the CD installation of the windows 7 if there an error or corrupted files from the CD installer and then just try to check the hardware if is properly fix from your computer just check that one and then try to check the hard drive if is there an damaged after you reformat your computer just check on that  and then just simply check the video card and memory if it's working properly in your computer or maybe if there an error after you install the windows and then check compatible the windows 7 to your computer just check.


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