How can I block a USB storage device from accessing windows?

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We are in a business with several units of computers; We are using Windows 7. I’m having a problem with customers who don’t obey my rules before inserting their sticks on USB ports; some of them too, are copying program files and games. How can I block USB sticks to protect my unit and prevent my files from being copied?

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How can I block a USB storage device from accessing windows?


Joralyn Pingal,

          There are hundreds of ways to block USB devices from accessing your PC. But most of the solutions are complicated. But there is a smart solution for you. For this you need to have a program called myusbonly.

          Myusbonly  program is very simple to install and is unique because it will block other USB devices from accessing your PC but it will not block your USB. That's the thing we need. If you can install the program following the simple instructions, then you can run it.

          You should now see a small window, where it shows you that Myusbonly is running in your desktop task bar. Click  on it and click on general set up. Then go according to what you want. This might help you.

Thank you very much.

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How can I block a USB storage device from accessing windows?


The ADM template simply sets the registry value

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetServicesUsbStorStart to 4 (Disable).

        But his technique has a serious drawback. It only works if the USB storage driver is already installed. If it has not yet been installed, Windows' plug & play subsystem automatically resets the Start value to 3 (Manual) when it installs USBSTOR after a USB storage device is plugged in for the first time. In that case, USBSTOR remains enabled until the GPO is re-applied, usually at the next reboot.

          If the storage device is plugged in during that reboot, it will still be available because the USBSTOR driver is started before any GPOs are processed.

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How can I block a USB storage device from accessing windows?



          It’s really a serious issue for the companies. In my company I am doing the same from my central server with use McAfee Antivirus program. But without antivirus there is other option to block USB port. Here I am giving you two different ways to block USB port without use any third party software.

1. Please restart your computer, when its first screen come then please press F2 or Del button for enter BIOS setup.

When you enter BIOS then go to Advance TAB in the Advance tab at bottom USB configuration. Please enter here and Disable this. Now presses F10 for save BIOS settings. Now open your computer and check to attach any USB device with this computer.

2. Another easy way from windows 7 operating system. Here I am describing this process with very easy way.

First please press start then write RUN in the search program place then click RUN program. Now write regedit and hit enter.

Registry editor window will come. Please press Ctrl + F then find window will come. Now write USBSTOR. After few seconds below window will come.

Please see right side. There marking Start with red border. Please click right button on the start text then click Modify. Below window will come.

Here by default you see the value "3".

3.  Mean Enable USB. If you want to disable it then please change it to 4.

4.  Mean Disable USB. If you want to enable it again then please follow same procedure and change it to 3.


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How can I block a USB storage device from accessing windows?



There are several ways to do it. Let me explain some methods. Are you using a domain environment in your business? if you are using domain environment simply you can block your USB ports by using a group policy but I won't discuss about it in here. You can simply edit your registry setting in the computer to block USB ports. you need to have admin privileges ( local administrator rights )

This is the way to block USB ports:

  1. Type regedit in the RUN
  2. Hit enter button
  3. Regedit will appear, now you need to find out the specific registry entry to disable USB devices
  4. Press Ctrl+F to find dialog box to find the registry entry that we need, after  type USBSTOR and wait until it finds the required registry entry, finally it will point you to the relevant registry entry that we want.
  5. Now right click on default value and select modify from the pop up menu;

Then type 3 inside the value date area ;

You are done now.

No more USBs, but keep that in your mind that everyone including yourself is not allowed to plug USB pen drives to the computer after editing the above registry entry.


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How can I block a USB storage device from accessing windows?


Hi Joralyn,

I Have the solution in your USB port problem

Step 1:Go to your "Computer" icon on your desktop and press right click then left click the "PROPERTIES" (it will open the system window of your computer)

Step 2: Once you have opened your system window left click "DEVICE MANAGER" (it will open your device manager window) in the device manager window you will see an icon there that looks like a USB plug named "UNIVERSAL SERIAL BUS CONTROLLERS" double click the "universal serial bus controllers" and a drop down list will open you will see the "USB ROOT HUBS" , that is your USB ports.


I have 3 slots of USB ports on my laptop so there are 3 "USB ROOT HUBS" on my "universal serial bus controllers"

so if you have 4 slots of USB ports on your Desktop or laptop there will be 4 USB ROOT HUBS" on your "universal serial bus controllers"

Step 3:(disabling the USB port hubs so your customers cant copy any files from you) Right click the first USB ROOT HUBS on drop down list and left click "DISABLE" (that USB port will not work anymore) if you want to disable all your USB ports then go ahead and disable the other "USB ROOT HUBS"  on your PC.

And if you want to use your USB port again right click on the "USB ROOT HUBS" and left click "ENABLE"

This is the easiest way to disable your UBS PORTS and the most easiest way to enable them back again.

I hope this helps and more power to your business.

Michael F.

STEPS 1-3 pics. below

BTW you have to be logged in, for you to see the Steps 1-3 pictures



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