Improve performance of my internet speed

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Hi All,

Improve performance of my internet speed

I have a 4mbps internet line so thats a good internet connection but the issue is the Wifi router is in the next room and i sit with my Gigs on the next room to it.

As in the image the signal strength is not great. Is there anyways we can improve?

Like a hardware accesory/Windows 7 tweek?



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Improve performance of my internet speed


There are a number of Windows 7 features you can adjust that may increase your bandwidth.
To view/adjust these settings, type CMD in the “Start” menu and right-click the cmd.exe link. Select “Run as administrator” to launch a command prompt. Type: “netsh int tcp show global” and press “Enter.”

*** SAVE THESE SETTINGS*** Before you make any changes, take a screen shot or jot them down on paper, as adjusting these settings could negatively affect your computer/network’s performance and you may decide to roll back to the original settings.
Also, be sure to enable only one of the settings at a time and then reboot and see how performance is affected. These features are all designed to make your wireless functionality less restrictive and hopefully faster.
If you want more details about any of these settings, please refer to Windows 7 product support:

For Chimney Offload State, if it is not already enabled enter: “netsh int tcp set global chimney=enabled
For Direct Cache Access, enter: “netsh int tcp set global dca=enabled”
For NetDMA State, enter: “netsh int tcp set global netdma=enabled”
For Receive Window Auto-Tuning Level, enter: “netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=enabled”
For Add-On Congestion Control Provider, enter: “netsh int tcp set global congestionprovider=ctcp”
For ECN Capability, enter: “netsh int tcp set global ecncapability=enabled”

A simpler thing you can do is to make sure your router is set-up in the best location in your home. Even though you are typically connecting from a different room, you still want to make sure it is not buried behind furniture or trapped along the wall on your floor. The antennas should point more up than out. Proximity to a cordless phone cradle or microwave can impair bandwidth as well.

Lastly, you can add a range extender to your router to increase bandwidth. Best practice is to use an extender that is the same brand as your router.


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Improve performance of my internet speed


That’s the usual problem when you are relying your internet connection on a wireless network sometimes when the signal gets weaker the connection will also go slower. But this is not always the case. There are times even when you have a strong signal the speed of the connection is still slower.

This is because of the number of users connecting and sharing the network. Like for example, you only have 2 computers in your home sharing the same Wi-Fi connection. If the other computer downloads a big file like a movie or something, it will surely affect your internet speed. This is why in most internet cafes, downloading of big files like movies are prohibited because the entire network will be affected.

In your case, besides running the “netsh” command via the command prompt, you can also adjust the “Limit reservable bandwidth” in the Group Policy to modify your computer’s bandwidth connection. This setting determines the percentage of connection bandwidth that your system can reserve. This setting limits the system to 20 percent of the overall bandwidth connection and this is by default.

To go to this setting, click Start, Run and type without quotes “gpedit.msc” then hit Enter. In Local Computer Policy, go to Administrative Templates, Network, QoS Packet Scheduler then double-click “Limit reservable bandwidth”. See image.

In Setting tab, select Enabled then set “Bandwidth limit (%)” to zero then click Apply then OK to close the window. See image.

This will now remove the reserved bandwidth set on your computer and you can now use your connection’s full speed. Another method is to use TCP Optimizer. This tool tweaks your computer’s TCP/IP parameters for tuning and optimizing your internet connection. Download TCP Optimizer 3.0.8 and start optimizing your computer’s connection.

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Improve performance of my internet speed


Check whether any application is updating itself in the background…eg. Antivirus

Antivirus consumes lots of packets if not updated for a long time.

Disable "automatic update" of all applications and set it to " ask me when update is available."

Automatic updates of applications keep them updating in the background with out informing you…

Do not always clean the temporary internet files if not so needed.

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