Important Information about Mozilla Firefox

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I just want to know some important details about Mozilla Firefox browser.

What are its differences to other browsers and also what are the other functions or add-ons that we can use?

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Important Information about Mozilla Firefox


Firefox is a free user friendly web browser with very impressive addon's.

This is run by Mozilla Corporation. It ranks second to Internet Explorer as a tool for surfing and interacting the internet. Basically, it has similar as IE thus also has advanced features and personal customizations.

It is necessary because at this time, most of us need a fast, highly-secured, standard compliant and lightweight browser which make internet browsing easier and faster. It is very compatible with Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and other operating systems as well as mobile devices. Firefox has smoother bookmarks toolbar that gives it an edge over IE.

If a shutdown or crash occurs it allows you to recover your previous pages browsed.

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Important Information about Mozilla Firefox


Mozilla Firefox is a very nice and fast web browser.Anyone can use it free of charge.

Though the ranking of Mozilla Firefox next to the Internet Explorer Mozilla Firefox allow users more advanced features and facilities.

It is possible in Mozilla Firefox to open multiple tabs as well as multiple windows too. Mozilla Firefox is suitable for all types of operating system and mobile phones too. Mozilla Firefox allow you installs thousands of addon's plugin. Mozilla Firefox is compatible for all type of online services and communication.

Mozilla Firefox allow a user to browse friendly and you can communicate instantly as for example text chat voice or video call broadcast. It is more secure.

Special setting allow you to keep password saved,keeps last session pages if it was closed accidentally for example for power failure.

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