I’m having problems connecting to the internet.

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I need help fixing my Linksys router. I am not sure of the exact name of the router but its’ a blue box that looks a lot like Linksys.

Anyway, whenever I am using my laptop or my iPod, it would indicate that I am connected to the WiFi but when I try to use the browser, it won’t respond.

The router seems fine and there are no unplugged wires either.

Can you help me fix this?

I am looking forward to your response.

Thank you. 

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I’m having problems connecting to the internet.


Hallo Mellanie Dumadag,

It seems like you have not configured the IP addresses, the gateway and the DNS servers on the computers that are on the network that you are using. You will need to configure the IP addresses:

Just go to the network identity icon on your computer and click on it, then click open network and sharing center. In the window that will open click on on change adapter settings.

Right click on Local Area Connection  in the next window and then click on properties. Go to IPv4 and click on it. If there are no settings set yet, then enter the IP address, the subnet mask, the gateway and the DNS server settings correctly depending on the network that you are on.

Save the changes when you are done.


Lee Hung

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I’m having problems connecting to the internet.


Wireless router will always broadcast wireless connection, regardless if the Internet is ready or not. What important here is if you do have all necessary information needed to connect to the wireless network.

A wireless networks needed such as the following;

Online modem
Router settings

These information are very crucial when using a router connected and include in the networking. What needs to be done is to make sure that the modem and router are communicating properly, then you can go to the next step, which is the computer settings.

The modem connects via ethernet cable to the Internet port of the Linskys. If modem is in need of modem reset, call your ISP. Router has to be in the correct configuration, either Static, DHCP and or PPPOE. verify this with your Internet Service Provider too.

After the modem and router are established that they seems to be communicating properly, then you can go to the next steps, which is to check the wireless settings.

Go to your Wireless networks
Select your SSID then disconnect
Re-connect to your wireless connection
Retype wep key and make sure this is correct
Click on connect button
Status should say connected of network
Then try your Internet connection

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I’m having problems connecting to the internet.


If you're having problems connecting wirelessly using your Linksys router, we need to isolate the problem first. If you don’t have a computer connected directly to the router, try connecting your laptop using an Ethernet cable. Check if you can browse several websites. If yes, the next thing that we need to check is the wireless settings of your router. You may try typing on the browser’s address bar then press the Enter key. Enter “admin” for the username and “admin” for password.

If this does not work, try leaving the username field blank then type “admin” as the password. If you were able to log in successfully and you’re seeing the Linksys page, look for the “Wireless” tab at the top of the settings screen, then click on “Basic Wireless Settings”. If you want, you can change the Wireless Network Name (SSID) into something unique or any name that you want for your wireless connection then click “Save Settings”. If you want to secure your wireless connection, you can click on “Wireless tab” again then click “Wireless Security”. Click on the drop down arrow where it says “Security Mode” then choose “Wireless Encryption Protocol (WEP)”.

Enter a password between 6 and 8 characters in the Passphrase box, then click “Generate”. Take note of the Default Transmit Key option just below Security mode. If it is set to 1, then copy the Key 1, this will be your WEP key or the password for you to connect wirelessly. Click “Save Settings”. After checking the settings of your router, right-click on the 2-computer icon on the lower right hand corner of your screen then left click on “Open Network Connections”. Right-click on wireless network connection then click on disconnect.

Reconnect to your wireless connection, retype the WEP key (make sure that you are typing the key that you have noted earlier when setting up the router). Click on the “Connect” button. If the status says it is connected, try opening a browser and make sure it is still working. If it works, unplug the Ethernet cable from the laptop then open a browser again then see if you’re internet connection is still up and running.

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