Broadband connection is sometimes disturb me

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Now a days I faces a big problem to use broadband connection.

Sometimes it is become so fast and sometimes it becomes so

slow I do not know why it occurs.

Again when I use modem or another system there also better to use.

What is better

in this modern age ?


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Broadband connection is sometimes disturb me


This is not a problem to get worried about. This happens to every internet users. Broadband or any other USB internet devices are having the same problem. The thing is the service area you are using in. In Broadband the problem is the users in your locality.

If in your locality many people are using the same network from the same broadband provider at the same time, then you'll and also the other users would face the same problem. And in USB Internet users face problem in the service area you are located in. If the area is out of coverage or gets low mobile signal then that USB internet service becomes weak. So both sides same problem is there.

The only thing you have to look for is better service provider, and I think you should go for the USB internet device from a good service provider who has greater network coverage in your area. If you are near city then it won't b a problem. Outside city or outskirts will be in problem.

Hope it has cleared your doubt.


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Broadband connection is sometimes disturb me


Hi Moumita,

Good to day to you. I felt exactly the same way, broadband sometimes acting this way. Slow and then it ran so fast and it's not consistent. I often called my Internet Service Provider and complain this situation. All they do is troubleshoot with me and telling me that it's in my end is having problem.

They even blame my computer, router and all devices attached to it. In fact, I did by passed my router and try using direct connection. Still the problem persists and continue doing this way for years. Until I decided to switch ISP and subscribed to cable Internet.

At this modern age, here are the best ISP

1. Cable Internet
2. Fios
3. Broadband Connection
4. Wimax

See my choice of Internet connection, you will notice that Broadband Connection is my 3rd choice. This is because that broadband connection is not stable compare to other type of Internet. Broadband connection uses either telephone line and or microwave signal. It only provides low quality of Internet speed. 


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