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I am using Internet Download Manager for quite sometime now.

Until one day I received a message its already expired and I need to reinstall a new copy.

I downloaded a free IDM but when I installed it I cannot proceed to the finish line and received a message that ten files are missing which the installer cannot find. What must I do? Please help.

Thank you.

Internet Download Manager

IDM cannot find 10 file(s) that are necessary for browser and system integration.

Would you like to download them?

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You should install these 10 files. Because these files are necessary if you wish your IDM to be integrated in Advanced Browsers like Chrome and Mozilla.

You are trying a Beta Version, that why it requires an update from IDM web.

If you do not install these files you wont be able to integrate or incorporate your IDM in other Internet Browsers except Internet Explorer.



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Hello Dear,

You should download and install the missing files for Internet Download Manager as these are necessary for integration. However, if you want to install the unexpired copy then you need to uninstall the current version and install the new fresh copy. If you will update the current version and it will be the expired one and you will need to purchase it.


Patrickk wilkins