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A new app of Norton which is called Identity Safe has a cloud space for storing an encrypted chain of passwords.

What is encrypted chain of password?

Is the app browser specific and free?

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Though Norton is known for it's antivirus software and products, recently it has launch a password manager. Or you can say it is a password managing software. Actually it can remember your password and make your step easy to generating a new password. So that you can say, it encrypts chain of password.

It's goal is to make your password secure and more effective. It is capable to keeps your any private data like bank account number and credit card pass.

This software has a cloud storage and it is totally cloud based. For more info visit here-

It is specific and reliable. You can download it absolutely free. Just visit here NORTON IDENTITY SAFE

It makes your web browsing more enjoyable also with it's password remember.

I wish, you will enjoy.