I want to learn more about Programming..

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Hi guys.

I am an Information Technology student. I just want to know if there is someone here knows or familiar when it comes to Programs. I want to learn more about it. About programs, systems, html, css. Everything, everything about Programming.

Please share. Thanks, 

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I want to learn more about Programming..


As Information Technology student, you'll future job is to create software. A job you may land soon when you graduate will be either System Administrator, Programmer or close to this nature.

As of now, it is a good thing of asking what are programming and how it works. What are those software programming tools used. Object oriented or a programming tools use to used during early days of programming.

Nowadays, programmer used sophisticated software tools to create software. Some prefer using Visual Basic, FoxPro, C++, PHP, HTML, APL, AspectC++, Macro, Assembly Language, Cobol, Delphi, Visual Prolog, X++, Java and many more.

As programmer, my advice is to familiar at least 2 or 3 programming language and make used to it. Master the drill on how to create a software. This will be your bread and butter when ask what type of software programming you are familiar with. But to familiar all those is an advantage.

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