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I have a Total Defense anti virus on my Windows 7 but my PC still infected with trojan virus.

Is there any free anti virus that can remove this?

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Dear User,

There are many good antivirus programs which works fine in your PC, but yet unable to try and neutralize every threat.

I think almost every virus guard fail at some point.

But since you are asking for a virus guard which is free and considered to be good.

I would suggest you to use AVG 2015 free version.

Here is a link to it

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Hello Julian,

It is very important to keep your antivirus program, and it’s database up to date in order to stay protected from latest virus attacks. So try to update your antivirus program and if possible set it to update automatically.

Scan your PC and now it might detect and remove the Trojan virus in your PC.

If your antivirus program still cannot detect it try Avast free antivirus. You can download it here

It uses streaming updates to keep the program up to date, and by default it will download updates daily when you connect to the internet.

Avast is the most popular antivirus program and you can upgrade to Avast Internet Security for sophisticated protection.