I need vb code for send SMS to mobile

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Hi programmers,

I am newbie in Visual basic. I found some SMS sending software on the internet, but they are too much costly. So I decided to make a VB code to send SMS from my desktop. Can someone provide me vb code for sending SMS to mobile? The program should be simple and easy to understand. I hope any VB expert will give me the code.


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I need vb code for send SMS to mobile



If you are looking for a simple program to send SMS from your PC using VB then here is the code.

See attachment.

To send SMS (Short Message Service) from PC to mobile phones.


1. Mobile phone (Nokia Model Only)

2. Connecting Device (Such as: Infrared, Data Cable, or Bluetooth)

3. Download the appropriate Nokia PC Connectivity SDK depends on the version or model of the Nokia Phone you are using.


1. Install the connecting device (Such as: Infrared, Data Cable, or Bluetooth) in your PC.

NOTE: You must connect first the phone to your PC before installing.

2. Install the Nokia PC Connectivity.

3. Open a Visual Studio and start a new project.

4. Add the Nokia Components in your preferences.

5. Then copy the code below.

See attachment.


Thank you

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