Help please in manipulating controls in Visual Basic 2015

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I want to create a simple program. I just need help in Visual Basic 2015. What do you mean by “naming convention?” Can you give me example for this? How to rename a control? Can you show me step-by-step in changing the properties of any specific control? Can you show me how to add codes in my program? How to save projects also in Visual Basic 2015? How to save files? What are the properties commonly used in textbox and labels? Any response will be appreciated. Thank you!

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Help please in manipulating controls in Visual Basic 2015


Hello Rebecca!

Naming Convention is not so hard to understand, follow and implement with your projects. Still can be considered that naming convention will be based on programmer’s decision but still you’ll have to do it right here’s one sample of naming convention. I am using VB 2010 and it’s not so different with VB 6.0 and 2015. Let’s start.

Example: Let’s say you have 1 textbox and 1 CommandButton and already added in your Form1.

Click the button object and under the property -> (Name), change the value to cmdAdd (in VB 6.0 if you’ll use this as add button for arithmetic operation) and btnAdd (from VB 2010 up to latest).

Same process with textbox go to property -> (Name), change it to txtA (in VB 6.0) and strA (in VB 2010 up to latest).

Going in to the properties window to change the property of each object is easy. As mentioned above changing the name property of an object is just simple as typing the preferred name. Changing color of the object is by altering the property backcolor and for the font you need to adjust the forecolor.

Since we have the button object and textbox object, just double click any of the object and you’ll be pointed to necessary section in code view window where you add in your declarations.

You have to save to files in Visual Basic, the project file and the form(s). To do this go to File >> Save Form1.vb and save on the folder for your project or Save All As…

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