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Hello Guys. I am having problem with my NAS. Can anyone offer me with proper details some NAS solution ?

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Network-accessed storage (NAS) is file-level computer data memory connected to one pc network send data access to heterogeneous users. NAS not only operates for the sake of file server, however is actually specialized with regard to this task possibly by this machine, software, and configuration on those resources. NAS is often made for the sake of computer tool - a unique computer created from the ground off for storing and also serving data files - besides simply one general purpose pc being used for that part.

As on 2010 NAS devices are usually gaining popularity, for the sake of convenient kind of giving files of multiple computers. Energy benefits of network-attached memory, when compared with file computers, contain faster info access, easier government, and simple configuration.

NAS resources are institution appliances which contain multiple hard drives, probably arranged to legitimate, redundant storage containers and RAID arrays. Network-attached storage takes the task on file bag from other computers on the network. They will typically supply use of files going to network file giving protocols not to mention NFS, SMB/CIFS, and AFP

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The full meaning of NAS is Network Attached Storage. It works data storage which is connected to a computer network. NAS solution can help you changing your file and reduce your cost of ownership. You can simply store and share your video, music and images with a NAS Solution.

Thank you.