I need help with ACAD attribute extraction to Excel

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Hi.  I need a way or program to extract an attribute from a block in AutoCAD to Excel.  Can someone teach me ACAD attribute extraction to Excel?  I use Microsoft Excel 2010.  Any help would be much appreciated.  Thanks in advance.

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I need help with ACAD attribute extraction to Excel


Hi Edwaard,

There's a DATA EXTRACTION wizard that can help you do it. Please follow these simple steps:

1- On the "Insert tab", go under the Menu "linking and extraction data"

2- Click on the extract data button (it will require you to save your drawing)

3- Enter a name for your data extraction and click "Save" and then "Next"

5- select display option "Display blocks with attributes only" and click "Next" (be sure to select the objects you want to extract attributes from)

6- Select the attributes you want to extract only and click "Next"

7- click on "Link External Data"

8- Now you'll have to create a link to the Excel spreadsheet so keep "None" selected as a source and click on the button on the right to launch the "Data Link Manager"

9- click on the "create new Excel data link" and name it

10- Browse to the Excel file, this file should contain columns as wanted, select it and click OK

11- on the next window, keep the default and click OK (now you must see the excel spreadsheet in the window)

12- Select the Excel spreadsheet and click OK so you'll see it in the drop down list

13- In the "Drawing data column" select the attribute you want to extract

14- In the "External data column" select the column that you'll be extracting to. You can verify by checking that both match

15- Once you click OK, you'll see all the data listed in the window, click "Next"

16- In the Output options, select "Output data to external data file", click "Next" and check if you want to add some other options, the "finish"


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