I have to put the blame on Norton

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I have a Windows XP disc installer and an HP recovery disc installer too, but it’s useless since it doesn’t booth fast on start up of the first display.

My mom’s other computer at the house and blue screened too, it won’t booth fast the inside Intel monitor.

I have to put the blame on Norton for this because it brings us nothing but problems with this program I’ve installed on every XP device.

What shall I do to resolve this problem?

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I have to put the blame on Norton


Hi Leishalynn,

You have said it is Norton that made your computers not too boot fast on start up of the first display. Might probably the Anti Virus you installed in your computer which is Norton is a fake anti Virus.  It actually does the regular function of an anti virus.  Its scan display  looks like very true, and search for  things that are infected but of course it's the opposite and all are just a lie and actually a virus.

    The best thing to do is to remove the fake anti virus on your computer.  There are a lot of steps that you should follow to remove it.

  1. Try to reboot your computer into a safe status or mode with net.  Then, before the loading of the window you must  hot the F8 key.
  2. If  your safe status or mode is blocked try to apply and let Combofix run.
  3. You have to download a Malware Bytes. Let it run and do the scan.
  4. Try again rebooting your computer and let your normal anti virus application run and do a full scan on your computer.I suggest you to use Microsoft Security Essentials.
  5. Now, your computer is clean and free from virus
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I have to put the blame on Norton



Norton is a good antivirus. But the when installed the performances is depend on the PC that you are using.  If the PC that you are using has low performances and if you installed the latest Norton antivirus version the PC will slow.

When you installed a good antivirus it will boot up the machine under its protection. That is the reason to slow,

Another thing that can happen is a virus attack. If the PC already got viruses, they can affect to the controlling of the Norton software.

Always try to use lighter and suitable software’s for your PC


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I have to put the blame on Norton


Are you saying you're blaming Norton for the slow boot up time of your computer?

If so, then you might as well just pick another antivirus software. One that's known to be less resource hungry and one that doesn't bloat the machine. Another way to try and boot up your computer faster is to disable all other programs that you don't really need to load during startup.

You can do this by using the system configuration utility and removing the checkmarks for the applications and services that you don't need to load when the system boots.

You can open the system configuration utility by going to Start then Run then type in msconfig.

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