I have a problem in my laptop computer

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During my laptop running, suddenly it displayed black and appear an error message. It tell me-

"An error occurred. Restart first & then…(Others)."

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I have a problem in my laptop computer


You have to enter your computer recoverable CD into your CD rom and turn your computer on. go to your BIOS setting and change the setting to boot computer from CD room save the changes and exit.

Now turn your laptop gain it will boot from the Cd room and run recovery of your laptop.

When your recovery completes. Now eject the disk by applying the above steps. And save changes you should have to set your setting according to boot your computer from Hard disk and save.

Now when you turn your computer it will be fined and you will never see the message again.

Keep enjoying your laptop.


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I have a problem in my laptop computer



First we need to know a few things 1. When you try to turn it on now do you see any lights come on as in the power light or the cd rom light look for these and see if they do, also check if your cooling system is on by checking if the heat sink at the side or bottom is working.

Not actually having the laptop makes solving the problem a bit difficult, and in essence we don't know what the problem is actually so first we have to find out what it is.

Now if the laptop is turning on, but no display I could mean your monitor has gone bad, or the display chipset has gone bad either way I want you to try an attach another monitor to the (v-g-a) port at either the back or side or computer by doing this we can determine if the monitor has gone bad.

If nothing comes up on the other monitor when you turn it on again we can assume that your display chipset has indeed gone bad in which you would have to get it fixed by using a process called RE_flow soldering.

Though this might bring your display back you should also be aware that if your display chipset needs re-flowing then your laptop is over heating, in which case you will have to take precautions next time your using it.

Here are some tips.

cooling pad for laptop
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I have a problem in my laptop computer


Black screen is often caused by hardware failure. But you need to consider that computers' battery might have died because it's empty.

Try use a hard line connection, plugged the power cable from the Laptop computer to an outlet (power source). Turn the Laptop on and observe if their is a light on it or if it will reboot.

In this steps, you will be able to check if it's just an empty battery issue.

After power cable is plugged in and Laptop still won't turn on, all you see is black screen then there's something wrong with the hardware. If you are technical savvy then you can check the hardware components inside, Memory, RAM, VGA all these parts.

But my suggestion is you need to get and consult a computer expert to take a good look of what is the cause why black screen is all you've got.

empty battery issue

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