I have an issue with my waveOut outpus v2.1

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Hello there,

I have an issue with my waveOut outpus v2.1 and would appreciate your help on this.

I was just playing through mu playlist when this error prompt popped-up.

waveOut output v2.1 (d) error

Unsupported PCM format (44100 Hz, 16 bits per sample, 0 channels). Please change format settings in input plug-in configuration or change output device in waveOut plug-in configuration.

Error code: 32

Windows error message:

“The specified format is not supported or cannot be translated, Use the Capabilities Function to determine the supported formats.”


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I have an issue with my waveOut outpus v2.1



WaveOut Output v2.1 does not support the PCM file format. Change the format settings in output device in plug-in configuration or input device in WaveOut Output plug-in configuration. You can use converter to convert PCM file format to WaveOut Output v2.1 supported file formats. Use the Capabilities function to identify the supported formats.


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Heather marie

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